Led strips porch

Led strips porch

You are going to illuminate your porch with LED porch strips. We would like to help you determine which LED strips you should use to enrich your porch. To help you, we have made a step-by-step plan below to find your ideal LED strip for the porch. Are you ready? Let's get started.

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Sanan LED strip Avila | warm white | 24 volts | different lengthsSanan LED strip Avila | warm white | 24 volts | different lengths
From €19.95
Sanan LED strip Denia | warm white | 24 volts | different lengthsSanan LED strip Denia | warm white | 24 volts | different lengths
From €17.95
Cover caps Avila | strip | 10 pieces

What exactly is a LED strip porch?

The LED porch strips are ideal for a slatted roof. You can also beautifully light a classic porch with beams with these LED strips. Please note that the porch needs to have cut-outs to hide the LED strips. Do you have no recesses? Then you can use construction profiles to process the LED strips.

You can use the strips as mood lighting and as functional lighting. With functional lighting, we mean that the strips provide enough light for reading, for example.

led strip in porch

LED strips are the ideal solution if you don't want to make holes in the beams of your porch or when the beams are not deep enough. The LED porch strips are provided with a 3M VHB double-sided adhesive tape. The strips are Plug & Play and are available in 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 meters. The strips have a cutting line every 5 cm, so you can customize the strip! Each meter contains 512 LEDs and consumes 5 Watt! The LEDs are placed close together, so the strips provide a beautiful, even line of lighting. The strips work on 24 volts. This is a low and safe working voltage!

You can control the LED strips in the following two different ways:
- With a remote control (i.c.w. Somfy IO)
- With an on/off switch

With a remote control (i.c.w. Somfy IO)
The LED strips can also be combined with Somfy IO. Do you already have Somfy IO-controlled devices in your home? Then you can operate your LED porch strips with the same Somfy IO remote control. Please note that you have to order the transformer and LED Somfy IO receiver separately. These are not supplied as standard!

The Somfy IO LED strips transformers are available in 75 watts and 250 watts. On the 75 watt transformer, you can connect LED strips up to 75 watts. On the 250 watt transformer, you can connect LED strips up to 250 watts. Each strip consumes 5 watts per meter. For example, if you want to connect 2 LED strips of 3 meters (60 watts) on one transformer, the 75-watt transformer will do. To calculate how many Watts you will need, use the following calculation (number of LED strips x number of meters x 5 Watts).

The Somfy IO LED receiver makes it possible for the LED strips to be controlled by Somfy IO. You do not have a multi-channel Somfy IO remote control? Then you need to order this one separately.

On/off switch
You can connect the LED porch stripto an on/off switch. You can then switch the strips on and off. It is then no longer possible to dim the LED strips! We do not sell the on/off switch.

You do need to order the transformer for the LED strips separately! This ensures that the current is converted to the correct operating voltage (24 volts). It is not standard delivered with the LED strip.

What should you pay attention to when buying LED strips for the porch?

The LED porch strips have to comply with many important specifications. Which ones they are, you can read below.

The LED strips have to have a certain IP value to be suitable for porch lighting. The IP value shows to what extent a LED strip is protected against water and dust. The value consists of two figures. The higher these numbers are, the better the protection of the lighting. Porch lights must have a minimum IP-44 rating. We sell a porch LED strip with IP-44 and a variant with IP-66. The IP-44 LED Strip is thinner than the IP-66 LED Strip.

The IP-44 LED strips are dust and splash-proof. IP-44 LED Strips are suitable for use in a sheltered place such as a porch. The IP-66 LED Strips are resistant to dust and spray water. The IP-66 version has a silicone protective layer. This makes this strip resistant to all weather conditions.

The wattage
When you look at the wattage of an LED porch strip, you look at the energy consumption of a strip. The strips consume 5 watts per meter.

Why choose LED strips for your porch?

With LED strips in your porch, you have a beautifully lit porch and at the same time, you contribute to a better environment. And so there are a few more reasons why you should choose LED strips for your porch. You can find out which ones below.

- Available in different sizes
- Possibility to operate with Somfy IO remote control
- The strips are dimmable
- Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly
- Plug and play
- Flexible and bendable strips
- The strips do not get hot
- 3M VHB double-sided adhesive tape (extra strong)
- Every 5 cm a flashing point
- 512 LEDs per meter! (5 Watt)
- Easy to assemble
- Certified LED strips

Which LED porch strip do you need?

You now know in which ways you can control the LED porch strips and all the important advantages and specifications of the strips. It's time to go looking for the right LED porch strips for your porch! We do this by following the steps below.

Step 1: Determine the IP value of the LED strip
Choose LED porch strips with IP-44 (thin strip) or with IP-66 (thicker strip).

Step 2: Choose the number of meters
Choose the number of meters you need

Step 3: Decide how you want to control the strips
Now choose to operate with the Somfy IO remote control or with an on/off switch.

Step 4: Add the accessories
- Have you opted for more than 1 LED strip? Then add Y-extension cords for porch strips. This makes it possible to connect multiple strips with each other.
- Don't forget to order the 75 watts or 250 watts LED transformer for the LED strips separately. Please note that you can connect multiple LED strips to one transformer thanks to the Y-extension cords.

Step 5a: (Chosen Somfy IO) Add the extra accessories
- Don't forget to order the Somfy IO LED receiver separately.
- Don't have a Somfy IO 5-channel remote control yet? Then add it to your shopping basket.

Step 5b: (Choose ON/OFF switch) Add the accessories
- Don't have an on/off switch yet? You will have to buy it elsewhere. It is not included in our product range.

Do you have a question?

Do you have a question about the LED porch strips or a question about another product? Please contact our LED specialists. They are ready to answer your questions every working day from 09.00 to 17.00.

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