Hole saw

Do you want to make holes in your ceiling or in the beam of your porch? With the right hole saw you can make perfect holes in your ceiling or porch. Which hole saw you need is explained below.

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Hole saw spotlight | wood | 30 mm
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Hole saw spotlight | different lengths
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What is a hole saw?

With a hole saw you can make perfectly sized holes. The hole saws are of excellent quality. This ensures that you can use them several times. Look at the build-in size of the LED recessed spotlights to know what size hole saw you need.

In our assortment, you'll find a hole saw for wooden porch and one for aluminium porch (can also be used for domestic ceilings). The hole saw for the wooden porch is only available in 30 mm. It makes perfect holes for LED recessed spotlights with a built-in dimension of 30 mm. LED recessed spotlights from the Pals series are ideal for wooden porch due to their thinner cable. They have a built-in dimension of 30 mm.

The hole saws for the aluminium porch and for ceilings are available in 22 mm, 28 mm, 30 mm, 42 mm, 53 mm, and 75 mm.


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Buying a hole saw?

Make sure you order the right hole saw for you recessed spotlights.