Led dimmers

Do you want to set the mood in your home? Now it’s possible! With LED dimmers, you can set the mood in your home in no time. Below you will find more information about these dimmers.

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LED rotary dimmer Atlas | white
Hamulight LED push dimmer Novex | white | 4-channelHamulight LED push dimmer Novex | white | 4-channel

What are LED dimmers?

With LED dimmers, you can dim the lighting to the desired level. You can connect up to 150 watts to the dimmers. This makes it possible to operate several spotlights with one LED dimmer. You can set how far the lighting can be dimmed back. On the inside of the LED dimmer is a wheel that allows you to set the maximum dimming of the lighting. Furthermore, the dimmers are universal and are delivered complete.

The LED dimmers in our assortment are phase-on LED dimmers!

Please note: To dim the lighting with a LED dimmer, the LED lighting itself must also be dimmable!

Questions about LED dimmers?

Do you have any questions? Then please contact us. We are available every business day from 09.00 to 17.00.

Ordering LED dimmers

In addition to the fast delivery time, you also benefit from our guarantee!