So you want to combine your porch lighting with a Somfy IO remote control? Well, it’s not impossible! But first, you need to order the right LED receiver. Below you can read about which LED receiver you need.

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Somfy io LED receiver | 500 wattSomfy io LED receiver | 500 watt
Nice LED receiver | 250 wattNice LED receiver | 250 watt
Somfy io LED receiver | male/female | 240 watt | 24 volts
Hamulight wifi LED receiver | 150 watt
Hamulight wifi garden LED receiver | 150 watt | 24 volt
Hamulight wifi strip LED receiver | 240 watt | 24 volt

What is a LED receiver?

A LED receiver makes it possible for your lighting to communicate with a Somfy IO remote control. Without a LED receiver, your LED lighting cannot communicate with one of these systems.

Different types of LED receivers

You can choose from the following LED receivers:
- Somfy IO LED receiver

To let your LED lights communicate with Somfy IO, you need to order the Somfy IO LED receiver.

Questions about LED receivers?

Do you have a question about the LED receivers, or do you have another question? Then contact our LED specialists. You can do this any business day from 09.00 to 17.00.

Buy an LED receiver

In addition to the fast delivery, you will also receive a guarantee on your ordered products.