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Do you want to extend your garden cables using cable connectors? Make sure you order the right cable connectors. You can read about the different ones below.

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Cable connector T | waterproof | 2-3 poleCable connector T | waterproof | 2-3 pole
Cable connector I | waterproof | 2-3 poleCable connector I | waterproof | 2-3 pole
Cable connector T | waterproof | 24 voltsCable connector T | waterproof | 24 volts
Cable connector Y | waterproof | 24 voltsCable connector Y | waterproof | 24 volts
Cable connector I | waterproof | 24 voltsCable connector I | waterproof | 24 volts
Cable connector Y | veranda | waterproof | 24 volts | different connectionsCable connector Y | veranda | waterproof | 24 volts | different connections
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What are cable connectors?

With cable connectors, you can extend cables. Do you have garden lighting with a cable that is too short? Then you can use cable connectors to link two or more cables together.

We make a distinction between 230 volt and 24-volt cable connectors. If you have bought 24-volt garden lighting, then also choose the waterproof 24-volt cable connectors. These are provided with the same Plug & Play connector.

If you have garden lights on 230 volts, then choose 230-volt cable connectors. These waterproof cable connectors are 3-wire. You can use them to connect the ground cable in your garden and garden lights with a 3-wire cable. Make sure that you connect the cables identically on all 2 or 3 sides. So did you put the brown cable of the 230-volt ground cable in the top hole? Then do the same on the other side of the cable connector with the brown cable from your ground spot, for example.

The cable connectors are available in I and T form. For 24 Volt lighting, you even have the Y cable connector. You can connect a 3-wire cable on two sides of the I-shaped cable connector. The T-shaped cable connector has three inputs and the Y-shaped has even four connections.

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Want to buy cable connectors?

Would you like to order cable connectors? Check whether you have chosen the right cable connector.