Did you know you can mount LED lights in no time with the help of LED accessories? Did you also know that some LED lights don’t even work without accessories? If you did know, do you know what accessories you need for your situation? If not, read on. We'll help you decide what accessories you need!

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Cable connector T | waterproof | 24 voltsCable connector T | waterproof | 24 volts
Cable connector Y | waterproof | 24 voltsCable connector Y | waterproof | 24 volts
Cable connector I | waterproof | 24 voltsCable connector I | waterproof | 24 volts
Hamulight Astro LED transformer | 100 watt | 24 voltsHamulight Astro LED transformer | 100 watt | 24 volts
Hamulight LED transformer | Strip | 75 watt | 24 volts
Somfy io LED receiver | male/female | 240 watt | 24 volts
Hole saw spotlight | wood | 30 mm
Hamulight LED transformer | Strip |  250 watt  | 24 volts
Nice remote control | 1-channel
Nice remote control | 3-channel
Steinel motion detector | black | 64 watts | infrared sensor
Steinel twilight switch | 2000 | black | 1000 watts

Why do you need LED accessories?

Some LED lights won't work without LED accessories. For example, you might have bought the beautiful Somfy LED recessed spotlight set for your veranda. However, without a Somfy LED receiver and Somfy remote control, the set won't work.

Another reason to get LED accessories is for support during installation. For example, you can use a hole saw to make holes in the ceiling. Or maybe you could use an extension cord to extend the product’s range?

Always think carefully before ordering whenever you need accessories.


There are several different accessories you can use for your LED product. Check the list below to find what you need:

- LED Transformers
- LED Receivers
- LED Dimmers
- Extension Cables
- Connectors & Fittings
- Cable Connectors
- Hole Saws
- Remote Controllers
- Wall Boxes
- Motion Detectors & Twilight Switches

LED Transformers
An LED transformer ensures the LED lighting is provided with the correct voltage. If you want to change from high voltage to low voltage, you need a transformer. While a transformer is (almost) always included with 230-volt lighting, what about when you buy 24-volt lighting? In that case, you would need to order a 24-volt LED transformer separately.

LED Receivers
The receivers read signals from a remote control, so that the lighting can be controlled by the relevant remote control. Would you like to control your lighting with the Home Domotics system from Somfy? Then you need a Somfy LED receiver.

LED Dimmers
With LED dimmers, you can dim your lights to various levels of brightness. Please note that the lights must be dimmable!

Extension Cables
Is there not enough cabling for your lighting? Extend the reach with an extension cable.

Connectors & Fittings
The fitting is attached between the light fitting and the light source. It is the connection between the power and the light source.

With connectors, you can connect, extend, or split LED lighting. A distinction is made between parallel, or series connected, connectors. With a parallel switch connector, only the broken spotlight will no longer burn.

With a series-connector all spots will fail, and you have to find out by yourself which spot is broken. You must do this by removing them from the connector one by one. Once you have removed the broken spotlight, the rest will light up again! Please note, the connector must be completely filled with no empty sockets. If you have empty spots, fill them with jumpers.

Cable Connectors
When do you use a cable connector? Suppose your LED spotlight does not have enough cabling. With a cable connector, you can extend the cabling of your current spotlight with an extension cable.

How do you make a hole to size? You do this with a hole saw. This accessory is ideal for use in your home or veranda!

Remote controllers
If you have a recessed LED spotlight set connected to Somfy, you'll need to order a Somfy remote control separately. Make sure you also order a Somfy receiver, if you don't already have one.

Wall Boxes
Are you out of room on your porch set or do you want to access the transformer and connector more easily? Then a wall box is for you!

Motion Detectors & Twilight Switches
Would you like to connect your 230-volt lighting to a motion detector or twilight switch? Then we recommend that you visit this page for more information on these accessories.

What should you pay attention to?

It is important that you choose the right accessories. Do you have 24-volt Plug & Play lighting? Then you also need to order 24-volt Plug & Play accessories.

This also applies to Somfy IO. Look carefully at the accessories you choose. Do you have a Somfy IO set? Then choose a Somfy IO receiver and remote control.


Are you still not completely clear which accessories you should choose? Call, email, or chat with our LED specialists. We are available every working day between 09.00 and 17.00.