Extension cables

Extension cables

So, your lighting has too little cabling and now you are looking for the right extension cables. We can help. Below, we’ll tell you what kind of extension cord you need.

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Extension cable decklight | 2 meter | 2 watt
Extension RGB cable decklight | 2 meter
Extension cable spotlight | red-black | different lengthsExtension cable spotlight | red-black | different lengths
From €6.95
Extension cable spotlight | black | different lengthsExtension cable spotlight | black | different lengths
From €7.95
Extension cable garden | 24 volts | different lengthsExtension cable garden | 24 volts | different lengths
From €6.95
Extension cable strip | 24 volts | different lengths
From €6.95

What is an extension cable?

With an extension cable, you can extend the wiring of your LED lighting. Imagine that you want to mount your lighting in a certain place, but you can't reach that place because of the short wiring. In that case, you can use an extension cable. By extending the current cabling, you can install the lighting at the desired location.

Different types of extension cables

You want to extend the wiring of your lighting. Of course, you will want to order the right extension cable. We will explain below what kind of extension cable you should order.

Porch extension cables
You will find the following 230-volt extension cables in our range:
- Porch recessed spotlights extension cable black
- Porch recessed spotlights / surface-mounted spotlights extension leads red/black

The black extension cable is double insulated and watertight. You can use these with all the porch recessed spotlight sets, except with a set from the Pals series. The double-insulated cables are less sensitive to cable breakage. These extension cables are therefore ideal for use in aluminium porches.

For the Pals series and for all surface-mounted spotlight sets, you need the red/black extension cable. This cable is only insulated and therefore somewhat thinner. This is ideal for use in wooden porches!

Extension cable for deck lighting
You use the 12-volt extension cable to extend the wiring of the deck lighting set. The extension cable is equipped with a rubber sheath, making it weatherproof. 

Garden lighting extension cables
The 24-volt extension cable can be used for all 24-volt Plug & Play garden lights. This extension cable has the same connector as the 24-volt garden lighting. These extension cables are also designed with a rubber jacket so the extension cable is weatherproof.

Questions about extension cords?

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Our LED specialists are available every working day from 09:00 to 17:00. You can contact us by phone, e-mail, or send us a message through chat.

Buying an extension cable?

Do you want to buy an extension cord? Make sure you order the right one!