Outdoor standing lights

Outdoor standing lights

Are you ready to enrich your garden with LED outdoor standing lights? Do you already know what possibilities there are and what specifications the LED lamps must meet? We can help. Together, we will find your ideal floor lamp! Curious about finding a suitable lamp? Read on!

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Cree LED floor lamp Gondomar | warm white | 2 x 2 watt | 24 voltsCree LED floor lamp Gondomar | warm white | 2 x 2 watt | 24 volts
Cree LED floor lamp Silves | warm white | 2 x 2 wattCree LED floor lamp Silves | warm white | 2 x 2 watt
Edison LED floor lamp Maia | warm white | 6,5 watt | 24 voltsEdison LED floor lamp Maia | warm white | 6,5 watt | 24 volts
Edison LED floor lamp Tavira | warm white | 6,5 wattEdison LED floor lamp Tavira | warm white | 6,5 watt

What is an outdoor standing light?

By floor-standing LED lights we mean lights that you can place on or along your driveway or a walkway in your garden. But these floor-standing lights can also be used in other ways to light up your garden. With these lamps, you create an atmosphere in your garden and simultaneously have better visibility.

Standing lights outdoor

Why choose free standing outdoor lights?

LED lighting is energy efficient and environmentally friendly. You even save costs by lighting your garden with LED lighting. Furthermore, garden floor lamps are powder-coated, so they are well protected from the weather. We have listed a few more advantages below:

What should you look for when buying a standing light outdoor?

Don't just order any of the stylish LED floor lamps. First, take a good look at some important specifications. We will explain them to you below so that you can make a good choice.

The IP value
Of course, you want to know whether the LED Floor Lamps are weatherproof. To find out, look at the IP value. The IP value indicates to what extent the lighting is protected against water and dust. For garden lights, you should have lights with IP-65 or higher. But no worries! The floor lamps in our range are at least IP-65. They are weatherproof and therefore suitable for your garden.

Want to know how much power a floor lamp consumes? Look at the number of watts it consumes.

Operating voltage

230 Volt
The standing lights with the well-known 230 V are equipped with a 3-core cable with a length of 40 cm. With the waterproof cable connectors, you can connect the lamps to other 230-volt garden lights and to the ground cable in your garden. You must hide the cables 60 cm deep in the ground. That way, it remains safe.                                     

Twilight switches and motion detectors
Are you planning to have the 230-volt LED floor lamps operated by a motion detector or twilight switch? That is possible! The motion detector reacts if someone moves within the range of up to 14 meters. You can set the activation level of the motion detector yourself.

The twilight switches react to light intensity. You can set the light level yourself using the rotary buttons on the switches. You can choose between the twilight switch 2000 and 3000. The difference is that with the twilight switch 3000, you also have a night savings mode. You can then switch off the lights at a certain time to save energy.

24-volt Plug & Play
The 24-volt operating voltage is safe for humans and animals. Ideal if you have children or pets! Because of the safe working voltage, you can even lay the cables above the ground or hide them under a thin layer of sand. This saves a lot of digging!

Standing lights outdoor 24 volt

The 24-volt LED Floor Lights are equipped with a 1-meter cable. In the end, they have the same connector as all other 24-volt garden lights. With the connector, you can easily click the lights to other 24-volt lights.

The 24-volt transformers also have a 24-volt connector. You need to order a 24-volt transformer if you want to use 24-volt garden lights. The lights will not work without a transformer!

There are two different transformers. You can choose from:
- The Hamulight LED transformer 24 volt
- The Hamulight LED transformer 24-volt Astro

Both transformers have a plug that you can plug into a socket. The transformers ensure that the current is converted to the safe 24-volt working voltage. You can connect up to 80 watts of lighting to the 24-volt transformer and the Astro transformer. This means that you can connect up to 80 watts of lighting to one transformer.

With the Astro transformer, you can set the lighting in different modes.
1. With the ON mode the lighting stays on
2. With the OFF mode, the lights stay off
3. With the AUTO mode, the lighting responds to sunset (turns on) and sunrise (turns off)
4. With TIMER mode you set the lighting at specific times
5. ASTRO mode has an astronomical timer with local sunrise and sunset

Which standings lights outdoor do you need?

Now you know the specifications that your ideal lamp must meet. Let's start by looking for your ideal LED standing light. To do so, use the filter function.

Step 1: LED standing lamps of 230 Volt or 24 Volt?
Filter the floor lamps by 230 volts or 24 volts.
Don't you know the difference? Then read back under the heading 'operating voltage'.

Step 2: Choose the wattage
Filter the lights by the wattage.

Step 3: This is your ideal LED floor lamp.
Congratulations on your ideal LED floor lamp!

Step 4: Choose the number of LED standing lamps
Choose the number of LED floor lamps you want to use to light up your garden.

Step 5a: (if you have 24-volt wall lights) Add the accessories
- Order the LED 24-volt transformer (Astro). The lamps will not work without a transformer!
- With 24-volt extension cables, you make the wiring longer!
- Add the 24-volt cable connectors to your order to link several or more 24-volt garden lights together.

Step 5b: (if 230 Volt Wall Lights) Add Accessories
- Order cable connectors to easily connect the LED standing lights with other 230-volt garden lights or with the ground cable.
- Add extension cords to extend the wiring.
- Would you like to make the LED standing lights smarter? Then choose a motion detector or twilight switch.


Do you need advice on the LED floor lamps? Then get in touch with us. All contact details can be found on the contact page. You can contact us every working day from 09.00 to 17.00.