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So, you’re planning to enhance your garden with deck lights. Good idea! There are different types of decking lights to light up your garden. But which one should you choose? We’ll help you find the right one for your garden. Want to know which one? Read on.

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Epistar LED decklight Alfena | warm white | 2,4 watt | set of 6 piecesEpistar LED decklight Alfena | warm white | 2,4 watt | set of 6 pieces
Epistar LED decklight Alfena | warm white | 0,4 wattEpistar LED decklight Alfena | warm white | 0,4 watt
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What are LED deck lights?

LED decking lights are ideal for lighting a decking, walkway, or driveway. The spots are small so they do not stand out. What is noticeable, however, is the warm white light with which the spots illuminate your garden in an atmospheric manner! All our lights are certified and made of environmentally-friendly materials.

What are the benefits of LED deck lighting?

Want to know why you should enrich your garden with LED decking? We have listed a few reasons:
- Choice of the 12-volt Plug & Play system and the 24-volt Plug & Play system
- Easy installation
- Resistant to all weather conditions
- Energy efficient
- Environmentally friendly and sustainable
- Small size and stylish designs
- Certified decking spotlights
- Also available in a set of 6 spots (with the possibility to extend further)

LED decking lights; what are the main specifications?

Don't just buy LED decking lights! Make sure you have checked the specifications below first.

All our decking lights are rated IP-67. This means that the spot is weatherproof and therefore suitable for your garden. A spotlight with IP-67 can even be held underwater for half an hour! The IP value tells to what extent the lighting is protected against water and dust. We recommend choosing LED garden lights with IP-65 or IP-67. But you do not have to worry about that with our garden lights!

Operating voltage
Deck lights are available in Plug & Play form. You can choose from the 12-volt or 24-volt system. Both systems work on low voltage and are Plug & Play. The differences between these two systems are explained below.

12 Volt
The 12-volt Plug & Play decking spots are sold in a set form. The set is Plug & Play because the decking spots have the same coupling piece and you can easily click them together and to the transformer.

The set consists of 6-floor spots and a transformer. You can expand the set to up to 20 decking lights! These have to be ordered separately.

24 Volt
This system is also a Plug & Play system and is therefore equipped with the same coupling piece. But with this system, you can also connect the decking spots with other 24 volt garden lights. So it is possible to link 24-volt multiple decking spots with, for example, 24-volt ground lights, wall lights, standing lamps or spike lights. In this way, you can illuminate your whole garden with different types of garden lighting!

deck lights

The 24-volt decking spots are sold separately and not in a set form. There is no LED transformer included. You must order this separately via the webshop. Make sure you do not forget this because the 24-volt lighting does not work without a transformer! You can choose from the following three transformers:

- Hamulight 24 volt LED transformer (35 watt & 80 watt)
- Hamulight 24-volt LED transformer Astro (100 watt)

All the transformers convert the current to the correct working voltage. The difference is that with the Astro transformer, you can program the 24-volt lighting. There are various settings on this Astro transformer. You can set the Astro to the following positions:

  1. The lighting stays on constantly (ON mode)
  2. The lighting remains constantly off (OFF mode)
  3. Lighting switches on at sunset and switches off at sunrise (AUTO mode)
  4. Lighting switches on and off at preset times (TIMER mode)
  5. Astronomical timer mode with the local sunset and sunrise (ASTRO mode)

Need more cabling? Then order the 24-volt garden extension cables with it. These are available in various lengths. These also have the same 24-volt cable and can be easily clicked to 24-volt garden lights.

Controlling 24 volt garden lighting with app and/or remote control
With our app or remote control, you can operate the 24-volt garden lighting. You can easily switch the lights on and off with our app and Moon and Novex remote controls. Moreover, you can control both indoor and outdoor lighting via the app. In the app, you can create different rooms and control them separately. To access the app, you need to purchase the garden wifi LED receiver. This receiver is also needed to control the outdoor lighting with the Moon and/or Novex remotes. In addition, the wifi LED receiver allows you to control the lights via Google Home and Amazon Alexa.


Is something not quite clear? Then ask our LED specialists. We are ready to help you every working day between 09.00 and 17.00 hours. You can find our e-mail address and telephone number on the contact page.

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Congratulations on finding the perfect decking spot. Make sure you don’t forget important accessories.