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GU10 fitting
Jumpers | 10 piecesJumpers | 10 pieces
LED connector | Parallel | different sizesLED connector | Parallel | different sizes
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LED connector | series | different sizesLED connector | series | different sizes
From €7.95

What are connectors?

The connector is the black or white junction box that is attached to the transformer. You plug the spotlights from the porch sets into the connector. This way you prevent 230 volts from running through your porch. This way you can sit safely on your porch.

There are different kinds of connectors. We make a distinction between white and black connectors. The white connectors are series-connected. With series-connected connectors, all spotlights will switch off if one is defective. Fortunately, the connector lies in the click profile of your porch or in a wall box and you can easily reach it. You can therefore easily remove the spotlights from the connector one by one. Every time you remove a spotlight, you put a jumper in it. The connector should be filled. Do you remove the defective spot? Then the rest of the spotlights light up again and you know which one is defective!

The black connectors are connected in parallel. If one of the spotlights is defective, only that one will switch off. You therefore only need to disconnect the spotlight from the wiring and connect a working one to it. This way, you can check whether the problem is in the spotlight or in the cabling.

All BAS and Somfy porch sets have a Serie connector. The remote-control porch sets have a parallel connector.

Furthermore, the connectors differ in 6-hole and 12-hole. On the 6-hole connector, you have to connect at least 4 spotlights and a maximum of 6 spotlights. On the 12-hole connector, you need to connect at least 7 spotlights and a maximum of 12 spotlights. Do you have one of the Hamulight porch AB sets? Then you need a black parallel 12-hole connector. You only need to connect a minimum of 4 spotlights on this 12-hole connector.

What are GU10 fittings?

A GU10 fitting is the connection between the 230-volt cable and the spotlight. On the one hand, you can screw your spotlight to the fitting and on the other hand, you connect the fitting to the 230-volt cable.

All spotlights in the Coblux series are connected with a GU10 fitting. If you order a Coblux spot, the GU10 fitting is included in the delivery. Do you need extra or a new GU10 fitting? Then feel free to order one.


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