The IP rating of LED spotlights

When buying LED spotlights, you need to pay close attention to a number of specifications. One of these is the IP rating. But what is the IP rating? And when is it important pay close attention to it?

What is IP rating?

To assess the protection of luminaires against penetration by substances, we look at the IP rating, which stands for Ingress Protection. This rating indicates how well a luminaire is protected against solid objects, dust and water. The IP rating classification is always indicated by 2 digits. The first digit of the IP rating indicates protection against solid objects and dust, while the second digit indicates the luminaire's watertightness.

ip rating

Which IP rating do you need?

If a luminaire has a high waterproof rating, it means that it is also difficult for solid objects to penetrate the luminaire. Therefore, a high rating for watertightness usually goes together with a high first rating. When lighting fixtures are installed outdoors, a higher IP rating is logically required.

The IP rating is also very important when you want to install LED spotlights in the bathroom. In this case, we recommend selecting LED spotlights with at least IP rating 44 (IP-44). Especially when the spotlight will be mounted above the shower cubicle, it is important that it is sufficiently resistant to moisture.

Below is a diagram of the most common IP rating, showing which IP rating you need in your home, business premises and garden.

IP-20: These spotlights are suitable for dry rooms such as bedrooms, living rooms and other locations without moisture. Place spotlights with an IP-20 rating only in dry environments.

IP-44: These spotlights offer limited protection against dust and moisture. We recommend using IP-44 spotlights in bathrooms, kitchens and outbuildings.

IP-54: An IP-54 spot offers slightly better protection against dust than an IP-44 spot. These spotlights remain intact when dust penetrates and are as resistant to water as IP-44 spotlights. They are suitable for use in living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and outbuildings.

IP-65: These spotlights are completely resistant to dust and protected against splashing water and water jets. You can place these spotlights anywhere in your home.

IP-67: Spotlights with IP-67 are ideal for use in the garden. They can even withstand immersion in water.

IP-68: Spotlights with IP-68 are completely resistant to water and dust. You can continuously submerge these spotlights without any problems.

Make the right decision and enjoy!

How nice it is to spend a free evening on a hot summer day in your garden. Imagine that when it starts to get dark, your garden and veranda are pleasantly light up. And that when it starts raining hard, you don't have to worry about the lights breaking down because of the bad weather conditions. Isn't that nice? So always check the IP rating of the lighting you buy, especially for garden lighting and bathroom lighting!

Buy LED spotlights without worries

Do you want to be sure you order LED spotlights with the right rating? Then order them on our website. All garden lighting has a minimum IP rating of 65 (IP-65), for veranda sales the minimum rating is IP-44 and for indoor lighting you will also find plenty of LED spotlights with IP-20 or IP-44 (for bathroom).